Thank you.

It's been a hectic week.

Between getting thrown in a fountain (that's my boss, Group Program Manager of IE, but almost everyone went in at some point), and being filmed for Channel 9 video (say hi to Arvind, Will and Cindy, about half of the RSS test team), I forgot to post a note here. But, I figured that most people had probably heard that IE7 for XP (including the Windows RSS Platform) shipped last Wednesday.

But, in case you haven't... Dean Hachamovitch (GM of IE) has a post over on the IEBlog that covers all of the goodness that's in IE7. There's some good information on how to give feedback and get support, and the plans for Automatic Update distribution of IE7.

Now that the week is over, I'm taking a minute to reflect. Building IE7's RSS features and the Windows RSS Platform have been a great ride all of us on the RSS team. More importantly, it is abundantly clear that we could not have done it without the feedback and comments from all of you (anyone remember the icon posts?).

So, on behalf of the whole team: thank you.

As Dean said in his post, we have already started work on plans for the next version of Internet Explorer (which includes, of course, plans for the next version of the IE RSS features and the Windows RSS platform). So, feel free to use the comments on this post to let us know what RSS features are on the top of your must-see list for the next release.

Thanks again,