Announcing Sandcastle Version 2.4.10520


I am excited to announce the availability of Sandcastle Version 2.4.10520. The latest version is now available for download at My sincere thanks to the Sandcastle user community for providing us with valuable feedback.

What's new in this version:

1. Sandcastle tools that will used for shipping Orcas SP1 RTM content.

4. Bug Fixes

Getting Started:

1. Using the command line option for the batch file under Examples/Sandcastle folder to build VS2005 or hana or prototype style CHM or HxS file

1. Build_sandcatle.bat vs2005 test

2. Build_sandcatle.bat prototype test

3. Build_sandcatle.bat hana test

If you need to generate hxs, please uncomment the following line in build_sandcastle.bat. Make sure "Microsoft Help 2.0 SDK" is installed on your machine.

::hxcomp.exe -p output\test.hxc

2. Using msbuild to generate build for VS2005 or hana or prototype, CHM or HxS file

1.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=vs2005

2.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=hana

3.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=prototype

To build hxs, add /target:Hxs, eg: Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=vs2005 /target:Hxs

3. Using GUI to generate build for VS2005 or hana or prototype, CHM or HxS file

A sample GUI is provided under \Example\generic folder. I will provide a separate blog about generating a build using the sample GUI.

Issues fixed in this version (Reported by Customers):

1. Sandcastle - scbuild is unable to handle dependencies in other directories

2. Sandcastle must properly escape VB keywords with square brackets

3. Sandcastle: <see> within <c> not shown

4. Sandcastle: A NullReferenceException threw by MRefBuilder.exe

5. Sandcastle: Add the FixScriptSharp transform to scbuild

6. Sandcastle: An Error of Transform (vs2005)

7. Sandcastle: Bug when doing a build that includes privates (/internal+) results in the non-nested class being ripped and the nested class being left

8. Sandcastle: BuildAssembler.exe raise an error when a root project node is included in the reflection.xml

9. Sandcastle: Change 2005 to 2008 in copyright info (prototype style)

10. Sandcastle: ChmBuilder /config switch

11. Sandcastle: chmbuilder drops a css file when handling <title />

12. Sandcastle: ChmBuilder.exe should create the Output Directory if it is not exist

13. Sandcastle: Conceptual Help: A better media art links

14. Sandcastle: Generic parameter is missed in Toc and Header Title of Generic Type

15. Sandcastle: inline seealso tag not working

16. Sandcastle: Js error raised when printing chm topics (prototype and vsorcas styles)

17. Sandcastle: make changes to build scripts to include environment variable ProgramFiles(x86) on 64 bits machine

18. Sandcastle: make changes to build scripts to include environment variable ProgramFiles(x86) on 64 bits machine

19. Sandcastle: MRefBuilder Generates Incorrect Member Signatures

20. Sandcastle: MRefBuilder ignores attributes on property getter/setter methods

21. Sandcastle: MRefBuilder namespace ripping feature bug

22. Sandcastle: need line break in C# Systax section (vs2005)

23. Sandcastle: Need to replace LowerCaseIdentifier method with CreateCamelCaseName

24. Sandcastle: Presentation issue list-tag as child of param-tag

25. Sandcastle: Presentation metadata transform bug - generates bogus type names

26. Sandcastle: Presentation Style Issues

27. Sandcastle: Public events are documented as protected in certain C++ classes

28. Sandcastle: Script# Presentation Style Issues

29. Sandcastle: seealso tags within an overloads tag not listed

30. Sandcastle: Support <inheritdoc/> tag

31. Sandcastle: The MSDN URLs generated by ResolveReferenceLinks2 are incorrect

32. Sandcastle: The root node is missing in manifest file

Other Issues for Orcas SP1 builds:

1. Hxf produced by Build Assembler contains topics in othe namespace

2. "Overrides t.m" links in overload lists contain two separate links (type & member), but other CERQ links are just the qualified member

3. Add two mobile platforms to the target platforms (Platforms section in Managed Ref)

4. Alert items in the doc build are rendered with the alert label word in lower case.

5. CSS style for code entities in documentation is hard to see

6. English Pound Symbol Disappears from Build

7. Fields in managed reference documentation should not include "Field Value" section.

8. FxRef Componentization: Revamp ReferenceLinkResolver

9. FxRef Componentization: Run full final end to end test pass on componentized files

10. FxRef Componentization: SegregateByNamespace and AggregrateByNamespace component

11. HxF generation in Manifold

12. Members pages (properties, methods, etc) that contain only inherited members are no longer building

13. MRef Root Topics are missing some TOC child doc references...

14. MRefBuilder: Does not work for Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight assembly

15. MRefBuilder: Generates wrong heading for some EII members

16. MRefBuilder: new EIIs not reflected in content

17. MRefBuilder: Serialization APIs shown as deleted in Dictionary`2, but they appear in DocStudio client and in the build

18. Need automated boilerplate for SecurityCriticalAttribute in Silverlight managed ref docs

19. Need bold text in snippet

20. Need items updated in Webdocs infrastructure

21. Need to add a date and or build number stamp to the docs

22. Need updates to two site infrastructure files for Webdocs

23. Need updates to Webdocs build for rebranding the content

24. Need XAML and JavaScript code snippet support for Mref topics

25. Offline Feedback: Mail Body; disclaimer text needs revision

26. Overload list pages for extension methods show KeyValuePair(UTP, UTP) for parameters instead of KeyValuePair(TKey, TValue)

27. Overload Summaries missing from members lists

28. Platform filter files should support capability to add platforms to an API even when they aren't in the assemblies

29. Runnable samples language support: Language drop-down on pages should only show languages available on the page

30. See Also links categorization is wrong

31. sendfeedback script: replace topic title included in subject of email with fixed string "Customer Feedback"

32. Set up new hosting IIS application on DDCRTCicero internal server

33. The test.hxf generated by buildassembler.exe doesn't allow for us to add a search topic generated outside buildassembler

34. TOC display logic needs fixes/updated

35. TOC methods are not sorted in alphabetical order