Sandcastle June 2010 Release

I am happy to announce that we have posted an updated version of Sandcastle to Codeplex. I know this was a very long wait for everyone.

This release brings Sandcastle to parity with the code that was used to generate the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 documentation. It contains over 100 bug fixes and changes that were made over the last 2 years and adds full support for building API documentation for .NET 4 projects.

We also contracted with ComponentOne to add support for producing the Microsoft Help Viewer 1.0 (MSHC) output target. Sandcastle can now produce Xhtml files that can be cabbed up and consumed by the new Microsoft Help System, which was released with Visual Studio 2010.

For our next release, we plan on adding support for the output of topics with the MSDN Lightweight look and feel. For the VS 2010 docs that we shipped, this new styling was added in post-production by MSDN, which is why it isn't already part of the Sandcastle presentation layers.

Darren Parker