RedRock - an evangelism tool for Windows Phone 8 apps



RedRock, a Windows Phone 8 app, is an evangelism tool to accelerate migration of Windows Phone 7x apps to Windows Phone 8 apps. RedRock is easy to configure for any brand, and it comes with the source code to help you in your readiness and demo efforts. The key Windows Phone 8 features include:

  1. Multi-Size tiles (small, standard, wide) with Cycle Tile template
  2. Multi-Resolution screens (WVGA, WXGA, HD720P)
  3. Lock screen including background Image
  4. Speech – voice commands
  5. Fast App Resume (FAR)  

You can download source code and how-to configure & demo your branded app from Windows Phone Dev Center. For quick access, you can download RedRock app directly on your device from the Windows Phone Store. Here are some screen-shots:


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