Video of My Last Iteration Planning Meeting with CodePlex

Right before I left CodePlex, I filmed my last Iteration Planning Meeting with the team to give you a bird’s eye view into the day in the life of an Agile Program Manager. I did this because last year at the MVP 09 Summit, I invited MVPs to sit in on our IPM. They said they greatly enjoyed watching how we did agile, so I’ve always wanted to video on of our IPMs and put it on the web. Fortunately, I was able to film my last IPM. Better late than never!

The IPM is where we review the weekly work with the team and make any necessary adjustments. For this specific IPM, we were starting an I3 week, which means we reviewed the completed feature work of I2 and would only do bug fixes and other tweaks in I3. (See above link for explanation of I2 and I3 weeks).

I separated our IPM into two parts (videos below):

  1. Review of the work for the week – mostly bug fixes
  2. Review of work that was finished in the previous week – demos

This IPM occurred after the Mercurial deployment in preparation for the Sync’ing Source Code tab with Releases Tab deployment.

I had been wanting to do this sync’ing of change sets and releases tabs for literally years, so it was only fitting that i did it as my final deployment on the team. The idea behind this feature is that you will never again see “No Source Code” in the Source Code tab if the project owner checked his/her sources into the Releases tab. Instead, we carry over the source code from the Releases tab into the Source Code tab. (IMO, the Source Code tab should have always been Source Control *or* we force people to upload source code there, but I digress since this is a moot point now).

Part 1 – Review of work for I3 – In the video below, note we’re just doing bug fixes and tweaks. And note that we’re using the CodePlex software internally to keep track of our work items.

Part 2 – Review of completed work in I2 – Below we’re demo’ing to one another all the new work that would go out in this release, including the Sync’ing Release tab and Source Code tab and the new help page.

Enjoy! And Geaux Agile!