Media Player

Most of the people on Windows Platform, will be using Media Player .It is having lot of features. But, still some features that are required are missing in it. It won't support features like hiding, topmost, default songs loading, enhanced recently played list, easy navigation of songs etc. I think it's better to design an application that will make playing of songs easier. I will explain features provided by this application.

Features present in this application:

  • It allows us to hide the player completely, while playing it.
  • It allows us to place player on top of all windows, while playing it. This allows us to do other work, while watching Video.
  • It allows us to have a complete list of recently player songs.
  • It allows us to load all songs present in our predefined songs Folder.
  • It allows us to play Video in Windowless Mode.
  • One Click away to play recent songs.  
  • One Click away to hide unwanted controls, while playing.