AJAX Control Toolkit 10920 Released!

I know, I know, we were a whole week late from our original date.  What kind of show are we running around here anyway?  :)  S

Seriously there's a lot of big fixes in here - almost 1000 votes worth - including some much-requested Calendar work (thanks Ron).

One of the thing the team has been working really hard on is a new testing framework for the Toolkit - one that lets us define tests much more easily so we can broaden our test coverage.  The new framework and harness is super cool - but it's a bunch of new code so we're still smoothing out some of the bumps.  For several days we thought we were close to getting it perfect, and wanted it to be included with this release.  This went on for a few days and it was clear we were spending much more time tweaking the harness than actually addressing Toolkit bugs for the release.  We wanted to make sure we got the Toolkit fixes into your hands so yesterday we made the call to detach the harness from the Toolkit and just get the fixes out there.   We'll keep hammering away at the harness, it's coming along nicely.

David and Kirti have all the dirt about what's available in this release on his blog. Check it out!

Download the new Toolkit release here, see release notes here.