Error 0x80070652 when installing Windows Update


Error 80070652 means that a previous installation has not been completed successfully. Restarting computer generally fixes this issue. If this doesn’t take you anywhere you may proceed with these Windows update troubleshooting steps.

Method 1: Check for the updates that have failed to install.

While using Windows Update to install this update, get the exact error message by following this step:

I. Open Windows Update by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type Update , and then, in the list of results, click Windows Update.

II. In the left pane, click View update history.

III. Starting from the most recent dates, find an update for Windows that has failed to install, and then double-click the update to view more information.

IV. Updates that have failed to install will display Failed under the Status column.

V. In the Windows Update dialog box, find Error details and review the error code for the failed update.

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Method 2: Download the stand alone package of the updates that have failed to install.

Please make a note of the KB article number for the specific update which was failed. Visit Microsoft download center and download the updates manually from the website.

Microsoft download Center:


Enter the KB article number in the search field and download the same.

Method 3: Run the installation

Once the download completes, click Run to start the installation immediately. If you’ve saved the download, navigate to the location and run the installation from the source.

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