Many Updates on Dynamic Data

This week at Redmond we have the ASP.NET Insiders up here where we show them a bunch of the new stuff we are working on. I'm happy to announce that we have many new update for Dynamic Data that are available today:

1) Dynamic Data Runtime and Dynamic Data Wizard - this has been updated with a much newer version of the Dynamic Data Wizard which have over 30 bug fixes. This is a wizard that provides many options for which tables to show, which modes to show them (read only/read write, etc) and allows multiple tables in the same page. All of the generated code uses features from the new Dynamic Data feature.

2) Dynamic Data Futures - this is a sample project that shows off many of the cool directions we are looking at for the next version of Dynamic Data. An example of some of these features are: ADO.NET Data Services (formerly known as Astoria), ObjectDataSource, binding and validation for plain old CLR objects (POCO), metadata for ordering columns,  adding metadata at runtime, support for images, advanced filtering including cascading and much more.

3) Dynamic Data for MVC Preview - we are working to support Dynamic Data on the new ASP.NET MVC framework as well. This is an EARLY release of this support. Compared to the WebForm version this has the current limitations: Only supports Linq to SQL, does not have client side validation and does not have filters on the list pages. Futures releases will address each of these items plus provide much more.