My New Blog

My family and I just recently have relocated up to the Redmond area from Southern California after I took a job as a Senior Program Manager on the ASP.NET team. After 20 years of almost no weather (Southern California) it has been quite different in Redmond:

- Experiencing Fall with leaves changing colors

- Rain, not nearly as bad as people say but it does get wet

- Snow, we got 5 inches of snow last weekend which the kids loved

- Cleaner air


I hope to post often in this blog about various things ASP.NET, .NET and areas that I'm currently working on at the ASP.NET team. Scott Guthrie mentioned in a recent blog post about the .NET Web Product Roadmap and I'm lucky to be working on the Dynamic Data part of that roadmap. We plan on releasing a CTP of the new feature set soon and once that CTP is posted I plan on writing about various aspects of what Dynamic Data is and how you can use it.