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Skype for Business and Teams feature Comparison

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The topic of this blog will deviate a bit from my past device focused blogs. I do appreciate all of the support and page hits from you my blog fans. I was speaking with a vendor of mine and he told me of a feature comparison chart that he found. It was so good that I reached out to the owner to re-blog it. Many thanks to Ted Estwan from Novus LLC for turning me on to this.

This is not a practice I would normally do, but I had such an issue finding it that I figured re-blogging it would be one of the better ways to spread the word on this.

However, in my own true form., I will also add additional information on Microsoft Teams.

So, that said, I would like for you all to meet Luca Vitali, he is a Microsoft MVP and UC blogger. The blog in particular that I am referencing today is . From his blog, you will find the link to this page for the Skype/Teams Feature comparison he built.

Here is a picture of it, but I recommend that you download it instead.


Listed below are some great Microsoft Teams resources. I know this one is short, but I wanted to get this information out to you - my ever faithful blogees….

Have a great day!



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