Windows Mobile Virtual Labs

This is pretty cool. The top 5 MEDC 2006 hand-on labs have been converted to Virtual Labs which you can now take. You can download the manuals and walk-through the lab at your own pace.

Check out the .NET Compact Framework related labs!

Developing a SQL Mobile Application with Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005

In this lab you will learn to:

· Synchronize data between a Windows Mobile®–based device and a SQL Server 2005 backend database

· Create a SQL Mobile database, set up, and configure SQL Server 2005 and Internet Information Services (IIS) for merge replication.

· Create a Microsoft .NET Compact Framework application to maintain SQL Mobile data and synchronize it with SQL Server data

· Synchronize SQL Mobile data with any backend data store using a Web service

Developing Multithreaded Applications with the .NET Compact Framework 2.0

In this lab you will learn to:

· Create and terminate threads

· Deal with the challenges of updating user interface controls from inside worker threads

· Use the multithreading capabilities of the .NET Compact Framework 2.0

Windows Mobile 5.0: Developing Managed Applications for Pocket PC and Smartphone Devices

In this lab you will learn to:

· Describe the Windows Mobile 5.0 Platform

· Create managed applications for Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices

· Use the new Windows Mobile 5.0 APIs

· Understand how to use the Device Emulators


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