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Robotic Pandas

On abstractions for building next generation user interfaces that utilize programmable GPUs to provide naturalistic and cinematic experiences.

Designing a GPU-oriented geometry abstraction – Part Two.

My last post described the problem of crafting an appropriate geometry abstraction for Bling. Bling...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 11/20/2009

Designing a GPU-oriented geometry abstraction – Part One.

One the inputs of rendering via programmable shading on a modern graphics card is a collection of...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 11/19/2009

What is a programmable abstraction?

In a recent blog post I described the principles behind Bling’s design. The primary principle is...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 07/30/2009

Announcing Bling 3!

I’d like to announce a newly rewritten release of Bling with many improvements and exciting new...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 07/26/2009

Fun(ctional) graphics in C#!

Graphics programming often involves customizing and combining well known techniques as mathematic...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 07/20/2009

Bling WPF hits V1

I'd like to announce a new and improved version of Bling WPF. In this version, we have redone the...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 02/20/2009

Shading Blobs with Bling WPF!

I updated Bling WPF to version 0.6, get it at the normal place (

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 10/28/2008

Angles as doubles considered harmful

One problem with the .NET library is the inconsistent use of radians and degrees to represent...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 10/25/2008

Writing WPF pixel shaders in C#!

This week I saw a great project, Brahma, on expressing shader-based GPU computation in C#/LINQ....

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 10/17/2008

Twilight of the High-level UI Toolkit

I was reading Tim Sweeney’s write up on how fixed function GPUs and the APIs that depend on them are...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 10/07/2008

Reaction Diffusion using WriteableBitmap

For a while, I’ve been experimenting with reaction diffusion to provide for more “life like”...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 10/07/2008

Curved Polygons in WPF!

I found something on the web about...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 10/06/2008

So long Jay.

As a young PhD student about 10 years ago, I started out at the University of Utah in the lab of Jay...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 09/18/2008

WPF CompositionTarget.Rendering/Animation Responsiveness

Check out the following small program: public partial class App : Window { [STAThread] public static...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 09/13/2008

Signals for WPF in C# AND XAML!

I would like to introduce the WPF signal library on codeplex, which is my wrapper around .NET 3.5...

Author: Sean McDirmid Date: 09/10/2008