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The Four Colors of the New Microsoft Company Logo

In a previous blog post I talked about the introduction of the new Microsoft Logo.

Microsoft Logo


Another source on the web (sorry, cannot remember where) has pointed out that each of the 4 colors in the new company logo represents a division or product line, and each color is used in that respective product’s logo. So I thought I would explore that here.

Blue for Windows, Windows Live, Server, SQL Server, Azure (including Cloud),, and Internet Explorer. (The Azure logo has not yet been updated)

image_thumb1[1] Windows 8 Logo Microsoft Cloud Microsoft cloud Microsoft Azure

Red for Office

image_thumb12 Microsoft Office      

Green for Xbox and Xbox Live

image_thumb17 Xbox Logo      

and Yellow… hmmm… this appears to be a mystery, could it be….?

image_thumb22 Bing Logo      

What else could yellow be? Unaccounted for in the new logo schemes are:


MSN usually goes with Bing – both being part of the Online Services Division (OSD). MSN’s current logo is a variation of its venerable butterfly, which in itself is comprised of four colors

MSN Logo

Skype and Yammer

Two of Microsoft’s latest Acquisitions, they currently retain their former corporate logos

Skype YAmmer


Microsoft’s software for business includes ERP and CRM systems

Microsoft Dynamics Logo Vertical

Windows Phone

Maybe goes with the blues? Or maybe with the Reds? Neither of these logos appears to be updated.

image image

Visual Studio

The updated Visual Studio appears to be purple, although VS usually goes with Server (which is blue).

Microsoft Visual Studio

This may be similar to how while Office is Red, each of the Office Apps still has their own colors

Microsoft Office Microsoft Word 2013 Microsoft Excel 2013 Microsoft Onenote 2013 Microsoft Powerpoint 2013