Azure Service Bus Deprecating Entity Metrics REST API

We are in the process of deprecating the entity metrics pipeline on May 31, 2018, this was the same API used for the Classic Azure portal and Service Bus Explorer. Also both Event Hubs and Relay services relied on this too.

For example the URL looked something like this:

The good news is we have something better! Service Bus, Relay, and Event Hubs now have metrics available in Azure Monitor which provides a cohesive experience across Azure services.

What are the benefits of using Service Bus metrics in Azure Monitor?

  • Data is 1 minute latent compared to 20 minutes latent for the older pipeline you are currently using
  • Metrics are available immediately
  • View 30 days of history
  • Metrics have dimensions that allow you to segment usage and get more insights into the Service
  • Setup alerts on metrics that allow you to receive notifications when the metric crosses a threshold you set
  • Going forward, Azure Monitor is the pipeline that we will add newer metrics to for further insights into your workload

To try the new metrics pipeline please check out this sample.