Azure Service Bus Java Client GA

The Azure Service Bus team is extremely excited to announce general availability of our Java client library version 1.0.0. This is a huge milestone for us. It allows customers to enjoy a solid Java experience with Azure Service Bus as it comes complete with native functionality.

Want to use the native client to send scheduled messages? No problem. Want to use sessions on Standard and Premium plans to keep your messages in order? Sure thing.

We had a number of organizations and individuals motivating us to get this out the door. Thank you to them for the patience and the push!

Our Java client (Java 8) is also now on par with our .NET Standard client library (.NET Standard 1.3) and if you were to use both you would notice feature parity and full support for interacting with Azure Service Bus.

We have samples for sending and receiving messages from your queues and topics.

This client is open source and if you want to contribute you can! You can also provide other feedback in our GitHub repo.

You can find the Maven package here and documentation here.