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Azure Service Bus now integrates with Azure Event Grid!

We are happy to announce that Azure Service Bus is now able to send events to Azure Event Grid. The key scenario of this feature? Saving on the effort of having to long poll on a queue that may sometimes be empty. Service Bus will now send events to Azure Event Grid when there are messages in a Queue or if no receivers are present. You can create Azure Event Grid subscriptions for your Service Bus namespaces, listen to these events, and then react to them by starting a receiver. With this feature, Service Bus can be used in reactive programming models.

In the current release, this feature is for Premium namespaces only and is only available in regions where Event Grid is available. We will add support for Standard Namespaces at a later point in time.

  • Please find the full technical documentation here.
  • If you want to jump into the examples right away, please follow this link.

Known issues:

  1. Additionally Logic Apps right now has no straight forward way of closing the connection once it received, hence Service Bus will emit events only every 10 minutes as it waits for the idle timeout of the connection.
  2. Right now you will need to use a Http Trigger Azure function. The Service Bus enabled Azure Functions do not support Event Grid yet.