Emitting Empty Avro Files Now Optional on Azure Event Hubs Capture

Event Hubs Capture is a powerful tool that enables automatic delivery of streaming data to a storage destination of your choice for long-term retention or micro-batch services. Today, Capture customers can configure the time and size window to control Capture frequency. If no event comes in during a given window, Capture still creates empty Avro files for storage.

We have launched a new user control feature where you can easily enable or disable capturing of empty Avro files. This new toggle grants users more control over the Capture functionality and can reduce storage overhead, creating more cost savings.

When a new Event Hub is created with the Capture functionality turned on, empty Avro files are emitted by default. You can disable Capturing empty Avro files on the Azure Portal or through PowerShell and CLI. Your selection will not impact your current billing.

Turn off Emitting Empty Avro Files on Capture through Azure Portal

If you do not have an Event Hub, check out Event Hubs documentation to create a new Event Hub.

If you already have an Event Hub, turn on Capture and select your Capture Provider. Check or uncheck the “Do not empty emit empty files when no events occur during the Capture time window” option according to your preference.

Stay tuned on enabling this property using ARM template, CLI/Powershell (coming soon)!