Java and Service Bus... oh my?!

Any Service Bus Java fans out there?!

We are excited to announce a new Java Service Bus client. This new client is expected to have feature parity with our .NET client, and will provide a much simper solution for many of our Service Bus customers.

In the past Service Bus has had limited Java support. Users could use the azure-sdk-for-java, or they could use Apache Qpid Proton-J. Both of these libraries had their downsides. The azure-sdk-for-java was built using HTTP, so the performance and feature set was limited. Proton-J was built for AMQP (so the performance was great), but some of the concepts were a little too low-level to get started easily. The new library is built by Service Bus, for Service Bus, so you can expect Service Bus specific concepts, and a full feature set.

For example, you can start using Queue/Topic/Subscription clients, as well as a "message pump" (a feature that allows you to receive messages from Service Bus continuously without having to worry about writing a loop). And best of all, this library is open source, so you can easily join the conversation and follow along at home. The GitHub repository can be found here:

Once this library becomes generally available and production ready (in the coming months), we will deprecate previous versions of the azure-servicebus Maven packages, and will release a new 1.0.0 version. In the meantime you can get started using the new bits by downloading the preview package here.

In case you want to continue using the old version of the "azure-servicebus" library, make sure to specify the proper version in your pom.xml file. For directions on how to do that, see here. This may be particularly useful in case you aren't ready to upgrade to the latest version yet, as there will be many breaking changes.

- Happy Java Messaging!