Service Bus + Event Hubs Community Q&A 1 (8/29)

We're happy to announce our first community Q&A for Service Bus and Event Hubs! Please bring your questions for the team, as we invite the entire Service Bus and Event Hubs community join us!

In addition to your questions, we’ll also cover these topics:

  1. Namespaces will be unique to the corresponding service, Messaging namespace for Queues and Topic; EventHub namespace for EventHubs
  2. New UX on the Azure portal
  3. Why you cannot see your Event Hub any more under Azure Service Bus
  4. Why two resource providers – Microsoft.ServiceBus and Microsoft.EventHub

We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Monday, 8/29/16, 9-10 AM PST (-7 UTC)

Please see the below Skype meeting link:

The recording will be available for those who are unable to make it.

Thank you in advance for participating!