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Handle Error Gracefully

Writing error free application is difficult. Error occurs at runtime due to unexpected user input,...

Author: Shaans Date: 12/30/2009

Fixing jQuery intellisense error for Visual Studio 2008

It happens to you if you are a developer or debugger running VS 2008 and trying to use JavaScript...

Author: Shaans Date: 12/01/2009

Invoke Method by Name

Did you ever wonder how AutoEventWireup="true" works in ASP.NET Pages? The page class...

Author: Shaans Date: 11/16/2009

SharePoint Development get easy!

One of the major feedback from the development community was about the complexity of setting up...

Author: Shaans Date: 10/19/2009

Dissecting ASP.NET MVC Framework

Have you already started developing web apps on the new ASP.NET MVC framework? If yes, then you may...

Author: Shaans Date: 10/17/2009

New features in ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview

New Features This section describes features that have been introduced in the MVC 2 Preview 2...

Author: Shaans Date: 10/01/2009

Old school data binding for List controls in ASP.NET MVC

The ASP.NET MVC is designed for Performance and extensibility and testability in mind. MVC 1.0 comes...

Author: Shaans Date: 08/26/2009

Run Powerful virtual desktops on Windows 7

Download Windows Virtual PC from Microsoft Download Centre. You may also get readily available...

Author: Shaans Date: 08/24/2009

What is new for web developers in ASP 4

ASP.NET MVC support is not released as part of Beta 1 but will be included in Beta 2...

Author: Shaans Date: 06/02/2009

SharePoint Custom Actions

If you are developing a SharePoint feature and adding custom actions to various menus, the following...

Author: Shaans Date: 08/13/2008

Install SharePoint (WSS v3) on Windows Vista

Nothing surprising that you said no when someone asked to install WSS (Windows SharePoint Service)...

Author: Shaans Date: 05/23/2008

Power Commands for Visual Studio 2008

  PowerCommands 1.1 is a set of useful extensions for the Visual Studio 2008 adding additional...

Author: Shaans Date: 05/15/2008

Create Amazing Maps on SharePoint With Live Maps

Read Kirk Allen Evans's Blog on this....

Author: Shaans Date: 05/11/2008

Public sites that run on MOSS

Ian Morrish has a nice list on it -

Author: Shaans Date: 05/09/2008

Live on SharePoint Tags: SharePoint,Windows Live Search

Author: Shaans Date: 05/05/2008

Things to do with Embedded Edition of SQL Server 2005

Embedded edition of SQL Server that comes part of Microsoft Windows SharePoint Service 3.0 basic...

Author: Shaans Date: 05/05/2008

Downloading data from SharePoint List to Database

Here is a quick and dirty way of getting data from SharePoint List to database.   Add a Web...

Author: Shaans Date: 04/07/2008

Why I Love Sharing

It has been couple of weeks since I have been using Windows Live Folder Share. There is an cool...

Author: Shaans Date: 04/03/2008

Copy as Path in Windows Vista

  Do you know you can copy path of bunch of files from windows explorer in Windows Vista....

Author: Shaans Date: 03/29/2008

IE 8 Includes Developer tools.

from IE blog - The IE8 Developer Tools are the next step in helping make developers more productive...

Author: Shaans Date: 03/26/2008

About me

Author: Shaans Date: 03/13/2008