MSDN Video Vista Sidebar Gadget

I created a Vista Gadget with the help of my Lead Jon Gallant. This gadget helps you find Videos on MSDN. You can select from existing categories or you can search for videos. It shows the Video links at the bottom. When you hover over the video links it shows a tooltip with a thumbnail and a title of the video.

You can download and try it here -

Try some searches like - "Scott Guthrie", "AJAX", "Silverlight"

You can even look at my (or any other Gadget) source code, once you have downloaded it, open the folder for the Gadget under "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets"

If you have any feedback please leave a comment.

Here is a screenshot of what the Gadget looks like. 

MSDN Video Gadget


UPDATE 05/02/2007 - As per comments below, modified the Gadget to open the Video in Media player in the "Flyout" window. Also added auto refresh on the content every 5 minutes.