Step by Step configuration to Add custom Refiners in the Refinement Panel of Search Results page for SharePoint Online


You may have custom Library/List columns created which you would like to show them in the Refinement Panel on the Search Results.

Step 1: Creating a Document
Library / List with Customer Columns

  1. Create a New Document library -> go to Library Settings
  2. Create a new Column “Product Type” – Choice Field is what I selected.
  3. Upload some documents to the library and give different Choice options.


4. Go to Library Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Click on ‘ReIndex Document library’ Button.

Step 2: Creating a New Site Collection or Sub Site using “Enterprise Search Center” template. (Note: the reason we need to do this is due to the fact that we
cannot modify the OOB ‘osssearchresults.aspx’ page)

I created a Subsite under my site collection using the ‘Enterprise Search Center’ template. Make sure that you are able to search the documents uploaded.


Step 3: Configuring Managed
Properties for Search

  1. Logon to Microsoft Online Portal (MOP)
  2. Go to SharePoint Online Administration Center page.
  3. On the Left Panel -> Select ‘Search
  4. Click ‘Manage Search Schema
  5. Search for Existing Managed property ‘RefinableString00’ -> Edit the property and set it up as per below. -> Click 'OK'


Note: By Default in SharePoint Online you cannot create a new Managed Property as ‘Refineable’, due to which we need to use the existing ones and give an Alias for that.

Note: List of Default Existing Refineable Property list.


Step 4:Adding the Managed Property to Refinement Panel on the Search Results Page

  1. Go to the Subsite Search Center site created in Step 2.
  2. Type in any keyword to go to the ‘Results.aspx’ page. -> ‘Edit’ that page.
  3. Edit the Refinement Panel web Part. -> Click on ‘Choose Refiners…’ button.
  4. From the list of ‘Available Refiners’ -> Select ‘RefinableString00’ -> Click ‘Add’ button.
  5. Change the ‘Display Name’ for it (Initially it may not show the Sample Values, wait for around 5-10 mins to take effect )
  6. Click ‘Ok’ -> Save and Close the Page -> Check-In and Publish the Page

Now when you perform the Search for documents in that library, on left Refinement Panel you will see the new Refiner “Product Type