Creating Workflows in Microsoft Office Live


Hi all, Rohit Puri here.  SPD makes it super easy to create workflows on Microsoft Office Live site.  You should try to create one on your own.  Here are step by step instructions.


1. Launch SPD.

2. Open Site and pass it your office live site e.g

3. You will see the site structure inside SPD


4. Right Click on the Workflows Node -> New -> SharePoint Content


5. This brings up the Workflow wizard that walks you through defining your actions in the workflow.

6. In the sample here screen shots here I create one in which if the Title of the item contains the word Demo I update the title to say “UpdatedViaWorkflow”.


7. Click Finish to publish the workflow to the Microsoft Office Live site.


8. Once it is published you can see it work.

9. To test my workflow I log on to my Microsoft Office Live account and go the list that I associated the workflow with.

10. Create a new item with Demo in the title.


11. The workflow status indicates starting and then finished and you can see the title updated.




Good luck!

Rohit Puri