SharePoint Resource Center Pages Now Live

Last week we added five new Resource Center pages to the Windows SharePoint Services developer portal on MSDN. Each Resource Center page focuses on a specific area of developer functionality in SharePoint, and contains links to information and resources from around the web, be it any source (Microsoft sites, sure, but also partners, consultants, MVPs, or anyone else who’s got useful information to share) and in any format (technical articles, blogs, Web casts, video downloads, you name it). Think of them as one-stop-shops for developer information around specific areas of interest.

Here are the five areas for which we added Resource Center pages:

· Administration 

· Pages and User Interface 

· Provisioning 

· Security 

· Web Parts 

These are in addition to the Resource Center pages already up on the Office SharePoint Server developer portal:

· Business Data Catalog 

· Enterprise Content Management 

· Enterprise Search 

· Excel Services 

· Web Content Management  

· Workflow 

In the near future, we plan on adding more Resource Centers for areas such as upgrade and migration, deployment, email and alerts, and content management.

So what would you like to see in our Resource Centers?

If you’ve know of resources you think should be added to our existing Resource Center pages, or have areas you think warrant Resource Centers of their own, let us know! Just add a comment to this post, or email the blog directly. We’d love to hear from you.