Announcing the Windows SideShow Managed API SDK and Runtime releases!

Download Locations

Windows SideShow Managed API 1.0 SDK (for developers writing gadgets using managed code)

Windows SideShow Managed Runtime 1.0 (for running gadgets built using managed code)

It has been 16 months since the release of our Managed API Beta. We’re excited to have these RTM releases now available, and cannot wait to see what creative gadgets you build based on this! Post any questions you have on our Windows SideShow Development forum. We look forward to seeing new gadgets up on the Windows Live Gallery!

The SDK installs the runtime and development components that are required to build and run gadgets for Windows SideShow in managed code using the .NET Framework. Windows SideShow project templates in C# and Visual Basic have been integrated with Visual Studio (supporting 2005 and 2008) to give you a great starting place when developing gadgets.

Updated documentation is included with the SDK and is integrated with Visual Studio. Among many other updates, the documentation includes a walkthrough of building a setup package for a gadget that depends on the managed API.

The runtime package is targeted for end users. It installs the runtime components that are required to run gadgets for Windows SideShow built on this SDK.