Release Candiates for the Windows SideShow Device SDK for .NET Micro Framework 3.0 and Device Simulator 3.0 for Windows SideShow posted!

The Windows SideShow team is proud to announce the release candidates of these exciting software products.

This SDK makes it possible to build Windows SideShow-compatible interactive touchpads, Wi-Fi based SideShow remote controls, and wireless “fridge magnets” using the .NET Micro Framework 3.0!

The Device Simulator, a standalone release of the simulator available in the SDK, lets gadget developers to see what their gadgets look like on these implementations with one simple download!

Response to the beta was awesome, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you’re able to come up with with the RC. A number of key improvements have been made to the Device SDK since the beta release:

1. UI has been customized to allow SideShow devices that are integrated into laptop touchpads, by providing an innovative mechanism to maintain distinct SideShow and Touchpad areas at the same time.


2. DPWS has been incorporated, allowing the development of Wi-Fi based devices.


3. A variety of new samples are included, including a device firmware updater sample – a wizard which end-users can use to flash their .NET Micro Framework-based device with software updates.


4. Numerous performance improvements are included, as well as debug output to monitor the delay between touch and response for use in hardware optimization.

And (of course) many more! To get started, head to . To share your ideas or get help with the SDK, head down to the Windows SideShow Development forum.

If you missed the beta, the following device classes are targetted by this SDK:

Interactive touchpads, displays embedded into laptops or keyboards, and dedicated USB displays.


These types of SideShow displays, which the user can see while they operate their PC, open doors to the user. They allow you to change music while playing full-screen games, to control PowerPoint presentations while seeing speaker notes and upcoming slides. When you are working with large amounts of data, they can allow you to view a record of data they have copied to the clipboard and paste it back in any order. While using the computer, they allow you to keep tabs on their most important information (Calendar, inbox, etc) at a glance - without having to window manage, without the expense (and weight) of a second monitor, and through an interface optimized for small screens that provides information quickly and efficiently.


Wireless remote controls, companion devices, and fridge magnets.

SideShow-compatible “fridge magnets” in the kitchen provide an easy way to access the news, email, control music, see your family calendar, or recipes and notes from your computer. SideShow-compatible Bluetooth or Wi-Fi remote controls allow Media Center users to play music from their library without needing to turn on their TV or projector, and to view their email, instant messages, and more from their couch.

It’s great to have this out – enjoy and let us know what you think!