Using the Windows(r) SideShow(tm) Trademark

Did you know that "Windows SideShow" is trademarked by Microsoft?  That means there are a lot of rules and requirements around using Windows SideShow in any text, marketing materials, logos, articles, products, etc.  To help you with understanding these arcane rules, we've put together a use guidelines document which describes generally what is allowed and what is not.  For example, you can't actually say "Windows SideShow device", it has to be "Windows SideShow-enabled device," "device for Windows SideShow," or some other variation on that style.

The use guideline document is posted to the Windows Vista Partner Portal, which is accessible at Note that you do have to complete a brief registration to access this site.  For those who don't wish to register, we've also got a copy available on the Microsoft Intellectual Property webpage for Usage Guidelines:

A direct link to the document is here:

If you have any trademark related questions, please let us know and we'll be happy to forward you to our lawyers :)