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Azure Active Directory Resources

One of the new trends in modern IT is consolidating your footprint of on-premises services you provide to the organization. For many organizations, moving those workloads to the cloud or leveraging existing cloud based services for a workload you used to do on-premises can save costs, and cut complexity out of your IT operational portfolio. The primary workload for many that is identity services such as Active Directory and to extend (or migrate) to either Azure Active Directory, Azure Active Directory Domain Services, or simply migrate your Active Directory Domain Controllers to Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

This blog will provide you a list of Microsoft resources that you may find useful in your journey of extending or moving Active Directory to the cloud. If you have comments/feedback or come across a resource that I don't have listed below – please let me know in the comments section. Enjoy!

Starting out with Azure Active Directory:

Deploy a Azure Active Directory Proof of Concept:

Azure AD Connect (tool) and Hybrid:

Azure AD Self Service Password Reset:

What about Azure Active Directory Domain Services? (ADDS running in Azure as a service):

Deployment of Active Directory Domain Services (on-premises) in Azure IaaS (on virtual machines):


Azure Active Directory Join (instead of domain joined device):

Useful Videos:

Azure Active Directory B2B:

Azure Active Directory Application Management:

Manage Access to Azure:

Securing your identities:

And my favorite…

Azure Active Directory Terms of Use feature (Preview)