Monitor & protect your data in ALL your clouds, NOW!

Think your organization is operating in a secure and compliant manner? After you answer the following questions, you might want to keep reading...

  • How do you ensure your sensitive data is protected across all the clouds in your environment, whether it's Office 365/G-Suite/Box/SalesForce/etc?
  • Do you have a single pane of glass view of when someone shares a file from one of those clouds to someone outside the organization
  • What about login traffic to those cloud apps?
  • Do you have visibility into your Shadow IT and understand which apps in the environment are storing data overseas or aren't compliant with an industry regulation such as HIPAA or GDPR?

Watch the following 3 minute video for an overview on Cloud App Security in Microsoft 365 - this is the tool that will make you the hero in your organization and help ensure you operate in a secure and compliant manner! Questions? Leave a comment below!

Technical documentation and how to configure what I show in the video for Cloud App Security can be found here.