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How to host WordPress site on Microsoft Azure

Greetings! Today I’m going to install WordPress on Azure. Let’s see how it going to work.

After you logged into the Azure portal navigate to create resources and search WordPress.

then press create

Then you’ll get website Configuration and enter the following information :

  1. website name (
  2. Subscription
  3. Resource Group
  4. Database provider (Azure Database for MySql)
  5. App service plan
  6. Database (In here you have to configure database server)

Now a new WordPress site is being deployed to Azure websites and will take a few minutes to create the resource group and provision Website, Database and Storage resources within this group. Once you are notified in the notifications section that the deployment went through successfully. You can see it on the dashboard. In my case

After clicking it, You can see the website settings.

Click the URL and setup WordPress web as following figures.

Select your preferred language

Set website title and WordPress admin portal username password and email.

All done. Let’s log in to our WordPress web now. :)

your WordPress admin portal URL will be example** /wp-admin