Make Your FAQ Bot Application By Simple Clicks

Microsoft Bot Framework is an amazing framework that people are using it more and more to build Bots these days, because it is so simple to put together a Bot very quick.

When talking about the bot framework, and chatbots in general, people usually assume that these are all using some clever logic and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver a chunk of business logic via a natural language interface.

With the bot framework this is most likely implemented by wiring up the Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS): originally a stand-alone, (optionally) self-training, natural language understanding service, but now part of Microsoft Research’s Cognitive Services – previously “Project Oxford” – a collection of extremely powerful machine learning APIs for processing images, video, text, speech, to extract meaning.

As a simple bot application let's create a conversational bot. So this article will be based on creating a bot application which supports QnA or else known as FAQ bot.

As the first step you have to login to your azure portal and need to create a new service => Search for "QnA Maker" and then create the service with selecting the resource group and pricing tires.

So after the deployment, you can view your created bot service in your azure portal.

Then you can navigate to to create the QnA Bot. There you need to login from the account you have created your service. Now you will see what are the available Azure directories and according to the directory, your subscription and your available bot services you created.

As the next step you have to give a name for you knowledge base. Next you can populate FAQ list as your knowledge base or you can manually add new question and answer pair to the knowledge base to train.

After that you can train your bot service upto the given questions. Then it will show you the extracted questions and answer pairs in your model.

And also from here, you can just add new question and answer pair. Like below image, you can just add new questions.

Then you can Save and Train your QnAs.

And the most impressive thing is, you can see a live testing of your created bot by click the "Test" at your right upper corner.

Now you can publish your Bot Service.

So, now you can see the request URI of your deployed bot application. You can just request this uri and get back the response as the answer.

Like wise you can create this as a sample bot application. In addition you can use Luis service to understand the user's input and match words and then it will return an answer with much confidence.

Happy Coding :)

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