Contribute for New Programmers with TechNet Wiki Small Basic Articles

TechNet Wiki is an encyclopedia for Small Basic.  And is also resources for helping new programmers to learn programming.  Why don't you contribute for new programmers to edit articles in TechNet Wiki?

Screen shot of TechNet Wiki (Small Basic Portal)

How to Contribute

Write Your Own Article

Small Basic is a programming language for beginners.  So, basic, easy, fundamental, simple articles about programming explanations/know-how/samples/ideas are needed for them.  Please write your own programming articles using Small Basic.

Modify Articles

There are already more than 400 TechNet Wiki articles about Small Basic.  But some articles have become old, some are little difficult, some have mistakes.  Please correct or modify these articles and make them more sophisticated and more useful.

Translate Articles

Most of articles are written in English only.  But young programmers may have trouble in English but expect their local languages.  Please translate one of most popular articles to your local language.

Additional Activities

Add Link to Your Article into Portal

If you created a new article written in English, please add the link in an article Wiki: Small Basic Portal.

Participate TechNet Guru Competition

If you created a new article written in English, I recommend you to add the link in the Tech Net Guru Competition this month.  Find the latest competition page in TechNet Guru Contributions.

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