GUI Designer - Small Basic Featured Program

Today I'd like to introduce GUI Designer which is created by Roshan Kumar Priya who is a 7th grade student (age 11).

This program allows you to create Small Basic GUI.  And the description by Roshan is:

GUI in Small Basic is a Graphics editor used to draw basic objects like Ellipse, Rectangle, Controls etc.
It has the small basic code generation feature that can convert the objects you draw to small basic. This project is my learning project to learn about the controls development using Small Basic.

GUI Designer is provided as a zip file.  Extract "GUI Designer v1.6" folder and make sure that all exe and dll files should be unlocked (click mouse right button on a file and select property then check unlock).  And run "GUI v1.6.exe" on the folder.

Screen shot of a program GUI Designer v1.6

GUI Designer can output a Small Basic source code like JCS474.

Have fun with this fantastic tool!  And thank you Roshan for sharing this program!