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Updated: 4/17/18

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Curriculum Books:

  1. Learn to Program with Small Basic – by Ed Price (me) and Majed Marji
  2. 7 Small Basic books from Computer Science for Kids - by Philip Conrod and Lou Tylee

Free Online Learning:

  1. Small Basic Teaching Curriculum – Follow along with these lessons!
  2. Workshop Curriculum: Creative Coding with Small Basic - by Liz Bander
  3. Small Basic Getting Started Guide
  4. Small Basic: Reference Documentation
  5. Small Basic Wiki Portal – Find 100+ articles about Small Basic!

Basic Info:

  1. Small Basic 1.2: Installation Guide – Detailed Instructions
  2. What are the 14 Keywords of Small Basic?
  3. The Unique Features of Microsoft Small Basic
  4. 49 Student Testimonies, age 8-13
  5. Program Gallery

Individual Tutorials:

  1. Small Basic Tutorial: Creating Your First Program
  2. Microsoft Small Basic for Beginners: Getting Started
  3. Small Basic Tutorial: A Simple Savings Calculator For Kids
  4. Small Basic for Little Kids Series – Pong


Small and Basically teaching Small Basic,

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