MARS Orbit in Small Basic

I wrote many programs as the solutions for monthly challenges.  Today I will introduce a couple of my solutions.

M A R S orbit - suggestion for JUNE challenge of the month is one of a community challenge by YLed in this month.

drawing MARS orbit,

I searched this forum and no one have thought to

What seems simple as challenge, draw the orbit of Mars with Small Basic.

In our course of physics, we had draw the orbit of Mars on graph paper, using Kepler's Law.

NASA videos Galleries: Video: Orbits and Kepler's Laws

A General Equation for Orbital Speed

Motion in the Heavens, Project Physics Text and Handbook Volume 2

For this challenge, I wrote two programs.  One is to visualize Kepler's Second Law.  The program ID is CXZ359.

Screen shot of a program Kepler's Second Law

You can change e (eccentricity) and see how different the planet speed whether near a focus or not.  At the beginning, I planed to use a part of this program to write orbit animation.  But I found a following site, I changed the plan.

Keplerian Elements for Approximate Positions of the Major Planets (NASA/JPL)

Then finally I wrote the second program with the equations provided by JPL above.  The program ID is CLJ212-5.

Screen shot of a program Orbit 0.3

You can use mouse and [Right] [Left] arrow keys and [Home] [End] keys to select date.

Thank you YLed for providing such an attractive challenge.