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Multitasking in Small Basic

Key Point of Multitasking

What is the difference between single tasking and multitasking?

If two or more tasks work at the same time, some (hardware or software) resources should be shared among them.  The resources may be mouse, timer, variables, or object properties.

LDCall Object in LitDev Extension

There is a useful object LDCall in LitDev extension for multitasking in Small Basic.  YLed wrote a good sample of LDCall object.  This program shows beautiful pictures and play music simultaneously.

BeeCollectingPollen DamselflyBlueEyes EasternTailedBlueButterfly

I modified his program and published as ZMN750-0.  The original ZMN750 has a little problem that the sub task (music) ends faster than the main task (slides) and shows "The End" message with larger font.  When the sub task shows the message, it changes GraphicsWindow.FontSize.  After that, the description for photos are displayed with the larger font.  This property is the software resource the two tasks should be share.

Thank you very much YLed for sharing fantastic program.  And also thank you litdev for providing nice challenges and the extension.

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