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Play with Morse Code in Small Basic (1)

There are some Morse code program in Small Basic.  But today I'd like to start creating new Morse program - Morse Telegraph Key.  This program will be a good key input sample.

Challenges about Morse code

Following three challenges are about Morse code.  And for example, program TCZ203 (by NaochanON) is a solution of a challenge (in October 2011).

Screen shot of a program Morse Signal

First step for Morse Telegraph Key

I started to write a new program Morse Telegraph Key.  Program ID NHT122 is the first version 0.1a.  This program just shows durations in millisecond between key down and key up.  I will continue to modify this program and will report it on this blog later.  Thanks.

Screen shot of a program Morse Telegraph Key 0.1a

Known Issues

  • Keys space and return (enter) are not be available after click the Reset button.
  • After click the text box, durations are not displayed correctly.  Push Reset button to avoid that.