Reading and Writing HTML with Small Basic

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a rich text format used in the internet.  You can see the rendered text with a browser.  A HTML file is a kind of text file.  So Small Basic can read and write them.  We can use Network.GetWebPageContents() operation to read HTML from the internet.  A Simple HTML code is like:

<html> <body> <h1>HTML with Small Basic</h1> HTML is a rich text format. </body> </html>

A <xxx> is called a tag.  For example <h1> is a header tag.  I wrote some programs reading or writing HTML files.

I introduced XML Parser for Small Basic Help last month.  This tool reads Small Basic help file and writes HTML code for TechNet Wiki.

MSDN Blog Article List is a Small Basic program to read a MSDN blog (written in HTML) and write an article list as a HTML file.

Get List of Stars from Wikipedia reads Wikipedia and writes Small Basic program.

Calendar writes a HTML table tag.

Code Block Generator reads a Small Basic source code and writes a HTML code block.

Have fun with HTML and Small Basic!