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Small Basic Blog - The Blog is Moving! The Blog is Moving!

Yeah, for reals. It's moving!

So… as MSDN closes, the Tech Community is opening and thriving!

Here's what it looks like, over at the Tech Community:

All the blog posts are already migrated, so you can go find your favorites! This blog will be gone off the face of the planet (all URLs and content deleted) on March 20th.

But, what??? My precious MSDN blogs are closing? Why????

The "why" is kind of like pressing a reboot button to wipe out old content. For the "what" answer...

Tech Community is very robust and active, so we'll probably feel like we're part of a community more than we have here. It's going to be a good and important improvement.

We'll miss the profile integration across the MSDN/TechNet social sites (although the Tech Community profile system also has a ton of fun recognition awards), and we'll miss the blog features (like the panel on the right), but we'll also see more features light up there (in the future), and it will begin to feel more like home, as we go.

So this is one of those "Who moved my cheese?" type of scenarios. Pretty soon, we'll be glad about the move (I'm already enjoying the robust community, the transparent view data, and the blog tiles with image previews).

And I'm happy to announce that the new blog sits in the Education Sector section of blogs and conversation spaces:

So go check out our new blog and join the Microsoft Tech Community! Subscribe to our feed over there, and click Share at the bottom of the blog posts to share our posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. Thank you, Small Basic Community, for all your devotion! We're looking forward to our future!

So that's it! Go join us over there! All our blog posts will be found on Tech Community from now on.


Small and Basically leaving MSDN,

- Ninja Ed