Small Basic Featured Program - Boxing Game

Following on from NaochanON's shaddow boxing animation recently blogged, he has developed it further into a boxing game.

You are the fighter on the left (gray with red gloves) with the computer player on the right (green with blue gloves).   The keys to control your fighter are shown below.

  • Left, Right......walking
  • Up, Down......weaving
  • Space key.....punching

The download code is BGT587-0.  The code is well structured and runs smoothly, I especially like the AI of the boxing opponent. 

The animation code looks quite complex with a lot of multi-dimensional arrays, but with a little studying it all becomes clear.  It would be simpler using a series of boxer images in different positions, but not as interesting or challenging as animating the joints of the fighters geometrically.

Can you beat my score (76 hits to 19).

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