Turtle Maze Challenge

One of January's challenges was to create a maze to be solved using the Turtle:

Game Challenge

  • Write a maze game that is navigated by the turtle, using arrow keys.
  • Perhaps add a timer to see how quickly the player can navigate the maze.
  • The trickiest bit will be preventing the turtle cross maze boundaries - perhaps share suggestions for this bit.

Here are some of the solutions:

By LitDev (Import QLM846)

Turtle Maze by LitDev

By Jibba Jabba (Import NFV721-1)

Updated version: NFV721-2

Turtle Maze by Jibba Jabba

By Nonki Takahashi (Import PNC833-17)

Turtle Maze by Nonki Takahashi

These contain many useful ideas and bits of code that could be used for other maze based games.