What is Small Basic - Featured Video

What is Small Basic?


This introduction video comes from Zero One Resources. It is 8 minutes and 47 seconds long.

This video is a short explanation of what Small Basic is and also contains a demonstration of some of its features.

If you want to learn how to program, then this programming language by Microsoft is a great place to start!

So what is Small Basic?

  • A programming environment created by Microsoft that is simple, social, gradual, and extendable.
  • It uses IntelliSense to suggest code and to provide hints and tips (as well as a real-time Help pane).
  • It provides more detailed error messages.
  • It allows for programs to be converted into the more industry used .NET Framework, so users can continue learning for free on Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio Community, with languages like Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, and more.


Have a Small and Basic week!

- Ninja Ed