Improving .NET 2.0 Application Performance

I just responded to a customer e-mail that i thought might be worth while sharing...

The first time you launch a .NET application it is just-in-time (JIT) compiled on the client - this is computationally expensive and means that the first launch time can be slow. However post this point the run times should be very fast as the platform native code (that the application was JITed) runs closer to the machine core.

When you build installer packages you can configure these to JIT the application on the client. This is good for distribution and can be configured in the packaging options in application configuration.

These articles should help:

The NGEN tool helps you pre-compile applications:

In general .NET 2.0 is our best performing release ever - a good NZ case study that supports this is the TradeMe case study.

There are also a wide variety of support options highlighted on this page that should help with any other questions: