New step-by-step deployment for Office 365 federated authentication in Azure

Inspired by CAAB member Trevor Seward’s presentation at the October 2016 CAAB webinar, there is a new Deploy high availability federated authentication for Office 365 in Azure set of articles that step you through a production deployment of the following:


This configuration provides a highly-available and scalable infrastructure to support federated authentication with your on-premises Windows Server Active Directory (AD) for Office 365. You build this infrastructure in the following phases:

  1. Configure Azure infrastructure (resource groups, storage accounts, availability sets, and a cross-premises virtual network)
  2. Create and configure the Windows Server AD domain controllers
  3. Create and configure the AD FS servers
  4. Create and configure the web application proxy servers
  5. Use Azure AD Connect to configure federated authentication for Office 365

This configuration uses fill-in-the-blanks tables and PowerShell command blocks so that you can:

  • Quickly create the needed set of Azure infrastructure elements with the correct settings.
  • More easily customize the configuration, such as changing the numbers of servers in each tier or adding extra data disks to virtual machines.

Here is an example configuration, including certificates and DNS settings, just prior to running the Azure AD Connect wizard:


Thanks to Trevor for his inspiration and review of the proposed configuration!

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