New utilization article for Office 365 Cloud App Security

As an experiment in content to help you better realize the ongoing business value of deploying an Office 365 feature, there is a new Utilization activities article for Office 365 Cloud App Security (previously known as Advanced Security Management).

This article is a new type of content to help you address the following questions for an Office 365 feature:

  1. How do I measure the use of the new feature and what information do I send up the management chain to demonstrate its business value?
  2. How do I know my configuration is correct over time for feature changes and industry trends and requirements?
  3. How do I get back to a correct configuration for the feature after being away from it for a long time?

For seasoned IT pros, the answers to these questions can be quickly determined from the feature set and existing business processes in their IT departments. For IT pros that are relatively new or new to cloud services or for IT departments in smaller organizations, the answer is not always obvious.

The Utilization activities article is a first attempt to address these questions for Office 365 Cloud App Security. It includes:

  1. Suggested ongoing operations tasks to receive and address security incidents and collect security incident information to send up your IT management chain.
  2. Suggested periodic operations tasks for the IT department calendar to ensure that the Office 365 Cloud App Security policies are configured properly for the current set of security incidents, feature changes, and cybersecurity trends.
  3. Step-by-step advice on how to return to a correct configuration after a protracted amount of time, incorporating Office 365 Cloud App Security feature enhancements and the latest cybersecurity trends.

We would love to hear from you about this new type of content.

  1. What else would be helpful for addressing the three questions above?
  2. Are there additional questions that would help you determine the ongoing business value of a feature?
  3. Would you recommend this type of content for new IT pros?

Please let us know by:

Thank you in advance!


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