Configuring custom SSL ports on ISA/TMG server for forward proxy

By default SSL port is 443 , we can use script given on and name of tool is ISA tunnel port range. We can download it and add custom SSL ports as shown below

using same script we can also delete custom SSL ports. Usage is explained above.

Updated section below (10 Dec 2014)

e. so I saw messages below and yes the link i have given above does not work so i have created the script file using article ( and i m uploading them here(attached is the addtprange.vbs to add tunnel port range.), Please find them attached here

you can run it as

CScript AddTPRange.vbs RangeName PortNumber

e.g. CScript AddTPRange.vbs customport 433

I can not attach another script here, to show the ranges here(it does not allow uploading more then 1 file), so i m pasting that as it is below

**************************copy the script below and save it as showtpranges.vbs*********************

Sub ShowTPRanges()

 ' Create the root object.

    Dim root  ' The FPCLib.FPC root object

    Set root = CreateObject("FPC.Root")


    ' Declare the other objects needed.

    Dim isaArray     ' An FPCArray object

    Dim tpRanges     ' An FPCTunnelPortRanges collection

    Dim tpRange      ' An FPCTunnelPortRange object

 ' Get references to the array object

    ' and the collection of tunnel port ranges.

    Set isaArray = root.GetContainingArray()

    Set tpRanges = isaArray.ArrayPolicy.WebProxy.TunnelPortRanges

    If tpRanges.Count > 0 Then

        For Each tpRange In tpRanges

            WScript.Echo tpRange.Name & ": " & tpRange.TunnelLowPort & "-" & tpRange.TunnelHighPort



        WScript.Echo "No tunnel port ranges are defined."

 End If

End Sub



to see existing ranges

CScript showtpranges.vbs