How to prevent Supporting Files from being incorrectly set to erroneous page


After replacing normal list form (ListFormWebPart) with custom list form (DataFormWebPart) on any of the supporting files (New, Edit, Display) for a SharePoint list, the list view properties do not work as expected. Hyperlinks for corresponding supporting file will point to erroneous or incorrect location.

Example: replacing normal list form with a custom list form on supporting file DispForm.aspx results in "display" hyperlinks going to an erroneous page, such as a different, un-intended supporting file.

This is incredibly frustrating, right? Here is a sure-fire to prevent this from occurring.


  1. Open SharePoint Designer 2007. Go to File | Open Site and connect to SharePoint site.
  2. Expand out Lists -> [List Name] -> open DispForm.aspx .
  3. Highlight normal list form by clicking on it. This will select the entire web
  4. Right-click on selected web part, and choose Web Part Properties…
  5. Expand [+] Layout, check option for Hidden, click OK.
  6. With web part still highlighted, hit the right-arrow key once. Hit Enter. This creates some whitespace to insert.
  7. Go to Insert | SharePoint Controls | Custom List Form…
  8. Select appropriate list or library, content type, and type of form to create. Click OK.
  9. Save page.

NOTE: The steps above are how to prevent supporting files from being incorrectly set to erroneous page, not how to fix a pre-existing problem. That's quite a bit more tricky.

Keeping the normal list form on the page should ensure the supporting files stay intact. Think of this as a sort of “best practice” and you should never run into the problem again.

Additional Information:

KB 935504 - Error message when you click "New" to create a new item in a list or when you click an existing item in SharePoint Server 2007 or in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: "Invalid page URL" or "An unexpected error has occurred"