The Post Ignite Feature Blast

A Couple Weeks after Ignite
It’s been about two weeks since Microsoft Ignite.  I wanted to circle back with you to share the feedback we received from the conference attendees and announce some of the features we’ve released to Office365Mon.

Ignite Feedback
I had the opportunity to deliver a session on Hybrid Cloud adoption at a pre-conference event.  It gave me a chance to introduce Office365Mon and hear some good feedback on the product from attendees.  Thanks to all who signed up and introduced the product with their customers.  One main theme of the feedback was more coverage for the Act On Behalf Of scenarios, so I’ll talk a bit more about that later.  I hear a lot of common asks on reporting though so I’ll tackle that first.

More Features to Stay in the Know
The most common feedback about reporting is that it’s great – but you want more of it.  That fit right in with our own plans as well so I’m happy to announce that we’ve invested a lot of resources into and have really just exploded the reporting features.  We’ve gone from two Basic reports and two Advanced reports to a full blown reports gallery – five Basic reports and six Advanced reports.  There are many data analytic scenarios that you can now get to very quickly with our reports.

In addition to that, people want to customize the data that’s shown in the reports.  All of our graphical reports use an engine that actually supports great customization of the data displayed in the graph.  With a few clicks of the mouse you can quickly discard the data that isn’t relevant to what the analytics you want to drill into, and then with another couple of clicks you can add it back in.  It’s really a very flexible and fluid way to slice and dice the data based on your scenario.

Finally, we also had requests from folks that wanted to share the reporting information with other people in their organization.  Well, you can now export any report to a PDF so you can shoot it off in email, post it to a SharePoint site, or do whatever you want with it. To help you process all of this in more detail, I made a short video that briefly explains all of the reports in the report gallery now, shows you how to manipulate the data that is displayed in the charts, and how to export to a PDF.  You can find the video on our YouTube channel here: