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SQL Server 2019 Preview

Earlier this week, we announced SQL Server 2019 Public Preview at Microsoft Ignite. All the features that you see in the “ What’s New page are new capabilities that shipped with the CTP 2.0 release. Some of the key changes that people normally wouldn’t associate with SQL Server was the introduction of big data clusters which combines Apache Spark and Hadoop into a single data platform called SQL Server. Now you have the ability to combine the power of Spark with SQL Server over your relational and non-relation data sitting in SQL Server, HDFS and other systems like Oracle, Teradata, CosmosDB, etc. This is an amazing way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of SQL Server. Not only do we have new capabilities around performance, availability and security for mission critical environments along with capability to leverage hardware innovations like persistent memory and enclaves. But wait that’s not it! We also added Hadoop, ApacheSpark, Kubernetes and Java as native capabilities to our database engine!!! Happy Birthday SQL Server!!!

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Please stay tuned to the SQL Server blog to know more about the new capabilities and enhancements that will ship in subsequent CTP releases.

Below are the videos from the SQL Server 2019 public preview sessions at Ignite.